Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today is Superbowl Sunday!! Yippee!! Ok, I know that for most everyone in Ireland this is no big deal whatsoever. But when you are far away from home you'll take any little American scraps you can get. I've been a football fan for many years and because I've lived in a few different places, I've followed a few different teams. Basically, I'm a New England fan. I'm from there so it only seems appropriate. But they are not in the Superbowl. Tonight it will be the Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburg Steelers. I like both teams but since the Steelers have won before I think it would be nice for the Packers to win. But that's just me.

Here's the good news. Guacamole and nacho chips! And guess what? IT'S GLUTEN FREE!! Yup! I checked my package of nacho chips and the ingredients are only corn flour and sunflower oil! Excellent! The beer that usually goes along with said chips and dip however is another story. I've had reactions to beer before. Usually in the form of coughing into the night. But I haven't had any beer since Christmas so I think I'll be ok.

Guacamole is a great gluten-free dish. I absolutely love Mexican food! Unfortunately, most of the dishes have a lot of wheat and gluten. I've had to create and/or modify quite a few recipes. We used to use packets of dry ingredients to add to our beef to make burritos. But after a lot of experimenting, I've been able to make a gluten-free mince to put on flour tortillas.  (I'll be posting recipes soon but right now I'm still trying to get the hang of this whole blogging thing!)

I don't use the flour tortillas myself. Those are for the family. I'll either use corn tortillas or none at all. Either way, I end up leaving the table full and satisfied and not like I've actually missed out on something.

So whatever you are doing today, don't forget about guacamole! It's a multi-purpose little dip that can be used for many different things!

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