Monday, February 7, 2011

Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Products

I get very excited when I find a product that is gluten-free, actually tastes good and doesn't break the bank. Such was my experience with one of Bob's gluten-free products. First off, I had never heard of this company. I was shopping with a friend when I was in the states and saw Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free products on the shelves. First, I was skeptical. Then I thought, hey, why not give it try? So I bought the mix for gluten-free raisin cinnamon bread. When I got back from the states, I threw it a cupboard and forgot about it. Until, of course, hubby pulled it down and left it on the counter in an effort to give me an oh so subtle hint. See, I'm classic for this kind of stuff. I'll buy stuff like this because it looks like a great idea at the time. And then I'll forget about it. Hubby will spot the expiration date (which would have lapsed) and give me a speech about buying products and never using them. Ok, point taken, already!

But that's not what put me off this product. It was the yeast. Yup. A little tiny sachet of yeast that I didn't see when I bought it. I thought, oh, no. Not yeast! I don't do well with yeast. My grandmother was a great bread maker but I didn't get that gene.

So last week I finally said, ok, I'm going to make this before the expiration date lapses. I followed the directions and out popped a lovely loaf of gorgeous raisin cinnamon bread! It smelled fabulous in the kitchen! Even hubby cut himself a slice and declared it a success. So I also cut myself a slice, slathered on some butter, made myself a lovely cup of tea and enjoyed it! It was delicious! I only wish I had a picture of it but that's a whole other story.

Before I could sit down and eat the whole loaf, I quickly cut it up into slices, wrapped each one up in foil and threw them all in the freezer. Now I had something decent to have on my morning break at work!

So if you haven't tried this product yet, look for it next time you are in the supermarket. I can personally vouch for the raisin cinnamon bread!

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