Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A year gone!

Well, it's been about a year since I wrote. Sorry about that. I had to sideline this project to attend to more pressing things in my life.

As for my gluten-free living? Well, it's had its ups and downs!! I have found that my intolerance is getting worse. There was a time when I could eat products containing wheat and gluten a little bit each day. Such as having half a bagel for breakfast or a muffin without feeling the consequences. Ah! Yes! The consequences! Well, let's see. Perhaps I should talk about how gluten and wheat affects me. If I've had too much in too short a period, I would, firstly, get very bloated. Then my energy levels will drop and I get very tired. I have particularly noticed the effects in the morning. I would wake up feeling as if I had been drugged or something. I would be very tired and my head would be cloudy. If I continue on my wheat/gluten rampage, then I start getting stomach aches and headaches. Eventually, I have to stop and the cycle starts all over again!

So, once again, I am starting all over again! Yesterday I had a bowl of pasta. No, no! Not gluten-free pasta! The real deal! Followed by chocolate chip cookies. Today, for lunch I had a panini with ham and cheese. Energy levels are dropping and I am finding that I don't bounce back like I used to! So the cycle continues! Soon I'll post some gluten-free recipes that I've either run across or made up myself.

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